Hi Loves, my name is Alesha


Fun facts about myself:

I live on the west coast of Canada

I have 2 beautiful girls, a husband and a cat named Napoleon

I’m an introvert

Tea time makes me happy

I have a serious obsession with notebooks and stationery

My girls, I mentioned above, they were the catalyst for change in my life.  I was checking all the boxes that were supposed to be checked, school, job, married, house, kids.  When I checked the kid’s box I was left wondering where do I go from here.  I was left searching for the next box, only there wasn’t one.

I was left feeling like I didn’t have a purpose, that I wasn’t living a fulfilling life outside of motherhood.  Yes, I loved my girls, as I’m sure you do but there was something missing.  The days turned into months and then years and I was completely lost.  My negative self-talk wasn’t serving anyone.  I was VERY hard on myself, always putting myself down, comparing myself to others, losing my cool with my girls; more times than not, and putting myself last on the list.  Self-doubt was doing a number on my confidence, mindset, and self-worth.

Until I had my ah-ha moment.  I wanted better for my girls and better for myself.

I started to strip back the layers and re-build.  I was feeling on an emotional level and my desires started to appear.  I had to let go of what wasn’t serving me.  Make way for new daily habits and dreaming again.  I had this dream life and set intentions in my head – MY VISION and new path appeared.  Yes the path looked scary AF, it was most certainly out of the box but I knew if I wanted this dream life. I had to start going about my days differently…so, began my journey.

I share my stories with other moms in the hopes that they realize that they are not alone.  Wanting more, wanting purpose outside of motherhood is not selfish, greedy and self-centered.

It’s my purpose to show up for mothers and show them what is possible.


YOU can be a kick ass mom while creating a life of your wildest dreams

YOU can crush your limiting beliefs

YOU can live unapologetically

YOU can create positive mindset shifts

YOU can develop new daily habits

YOU can leave a legacy for your kids

YOU can drop the guilt

YOU can follow your heart and move towards what lights you up

All of these things and more are possible for you.  You just need to want it bad enough and do the work.  Stop seeking permission from others and put yourself first.  You deserve it and so do your kids.


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