Welcome friend,


I’m Alesha and I help female entrepreneurs, just like you, who are at the beginning stages of your online business or who have been at it a hot minute but are struggling to move the needle forward.

I help take the overwhelm and tech struggles out of creating a solid email foundation that will lead to raving fans, resulting in impact and sales. I know this matters to you because you want to create a business that you actually earn money from and it’s not just a hobby on the side. 



The amount of information on this subject is immense. I’m willing to bet you’ve downloaded a shit ton of freebies on the subject but are so confused you just push it off to the side. Am I right?

It’s most likely because you feel overwhelmed, not tech savvy enough, and you don’t think you have the time to put into getting it all set up. 

I get it…starting a business is a never ending to do list and feeling overwhelmed is constant.


Good news…


I’ve been right where you are now, you’re not alone. How many times today did the thought “ maybe I don’t have what it takes to do this” go through your head?

You’re in the right place because you have this great big beautiful dream for yourself and I’m going to help you know exactly who you’re talking to, create a killer opt-ins, and nurture the heck out of your email list by creating a welcome sequence. that converts.

For this to work, you’re going to have to go on airplane mode.

Keeping distractions at bay is key if you want to get shit done and not be sitting around a year from now wondering why nothing has shifted.




You need someone to be your biz big sis, aka BBS (always wanted to a big sis) and show you the right things that are going to support your business long term. If your business shifts down the road, don’t worry everyones usually does, mine did, you’ve got the foundations in place to pivot quickly as you will just rinse and repeat the process.





As a new business owner or one that has been struggling your #1 focus should be getting people on your list. 

So let’s do this shall we!


Let’s kiss all your tech struggles goodbye and start building your email list.

My platform of choice is Mailerlite, it’s user friendly and free to start. My free road map will set you up with a free Mailerlite account. You will be amazed at how user friendly this platform is. The bonus included will show you, step by step, how to transfer your subscribers from Mailchimp to Mailerlite. Making this move was the best thing I did for my business and I know you’ll feel the same way.