Where are you putting your focus right now? If you think about it for a sec, is it really where you want energy flowing?
I recently had the opportunity to witness @tonyrobbins in person and the energy he brings to an event is electric, inspiring and so fucking motivating. So may great takeaways and I’m still processing all that was absorbed. The room was running high on emotions and he had you up out of your seat dancing, clapping and mingling with complete strangers. By the end of the long day all my senses were tingling and before I knew it my emotions we free flowing. Tears rolling out of my closed eyes, the feeling of complete oneness with myself and the connection to the other 5999 people in the room. That day a room filled with people from every age bracket was focusing hard and the energy the flowed was magical. Truly a once in a lifetime moment that I will hold near and dear in my heart.