The summer is officially over…BOO HOO!  I truly love the summer time pace but am excited to get back to regularly scheduled programming.  The first week is officially behind us and I am so looking forward to the weekend.

September has always felt like a new beginning for me, a time to refresh, restart, and renew.  It’s a time where I look back and see what I have accomplished so far this year.  It gives me the opportunity to tweak things, if necessary, and keep moving forward with all of my desires.  It’s also when I start my vision boarding process.  Creating a vision board has really upped my game for how I navigate the year ahead.

I know a lot of people wait till the New Year to start planning their next year goals (I don’t use the word resolutions, don’t like it) but for me,  September is the perfect time to bring new things forward and into focus.

For those who have been following me for a while, you know that I navigate my days with my core desired feelings (CDF) up front and very visible.  I can easily check in with my self and make sure that whatever I’m doing is aligned with my CDF’s. For those who are scratching your heads and wondering what the fuck is CDF’s, watch Danielle Laporte explain it.

Goals with Soul : The New Desire Map Trailer from Danielle LaPorte on Vimeo.

Leading with how I want to feel has been a game changer.  Every September I take some time and work on my vision board.  Having a digital vision board makes changing it up every year really easy.

First I start with my CDF’s – how do I want to feel.

Then comes my desires for the year to come.

 Nothing is set in stone, your feelings and desires can change at any time which makes updating or adding to your vision board super easy.  I’m a huge Pinterest gal so this is where I go for inspiration and images for all areas in my life.

Here are some images from my 2015 vision board

Looking back at my 2015 VB I can see that I have accomplished a lot of the things on these boards.  Some of the things have not yet come to life, doesn’t mean that they won’t, they just need a little more time.  This is why I love vision boards…they allow you to see all the things you have accomplished in the past year.  Where most of the time you will forget about it all together once it is done.  VB’s bring it back into focus for you.

I have shared before my CDF’s for this year which are;



In the Flow


Because my VB’s have been a powerful tool for me I want to share my digital version with you.  I want you to start and see your year ahead with a new lens, doesn’t matter if you start your year in September, like me, or in January.  I know that if you use a vision board you will bring more focus into your life.

I am giving you access to my re-vamped vision board templates for free.  Make sure to sign up below before this offer goes away.

If you want to dive into more information about your Core Desired Feelings please check out Danielle Laporte and her Desire Map book…life changing!

Shine Bright my Loves and happy vision boarding,