I had a completely different post lined up for today but something happened yesterday that I felt called to share with you.




I think mothers live in a constant struggle with burnout.  Think about it for a sec…your beautiful baby is born and so it begins…

  • the feedings
  • the diaper changes
  • the bathing
  • the laundry
  • the unsolicited advice
  • the constant comparison with other moms
  • washing your own hair
  • the grocery shopping
  • other sibling
  • family functions
  • mommy and baby group
  • friends
  • birthday parties
  • driving your other kids around to their activities, if applicable

I could go on and on but I think you get it.

Back to my reason for the post.  Yesterday, my day started with picking up an IKEA order which always makes me feel like…


From there, my day turned into searching for a chair for my daughter’s new desk, grocery shopping, picking stuff up for Halloween.  Did I mention it was pissing rain and everyone else in town were out too?  The roads were crazy, and the windstorm took down power lines which ended up closing down a major street in town.  The mall parking lots were insane, I’m talking the day before Christmas insane.  After getting stuck in traffic, I realized I was late getting my other daughter to her sleepover and racing back home to then turn around to get back into the crazy traffic.  Finally got back home, remember my mood from earlier?  Well, that had changed to…



I had planned to get some work done that night when my daughter went to bed but my body was yelling at me.  Slow down, retreat and take some time for yourself…cause you’re gonna lose your shit in a minute.  Then my youngest came skipping down the stairs asking what’s for dinner, meanwhile, my wet jacket was still one, I looked at her face and paused.  I know you know this is harder to do, especially when you’re in a mood.  On the way home the thought racing through my mind was…ok, let’s get her feed as soon as possible to get her in bed so I could start my list of things I wanted to get done.  I looked at her and said…let’s get our jammies on we’re having a girls night.  Her face lit up and I I took a breath, removed my shoes and wet jacket and our perfectly un-planed night started.

There are days when you are so overloaded with things to get done and get through if you don’t take time to re-charge yourself you will always be in a burnout cycle.  Am I behind where I wanted to be today, sure but I know had I not take the time I would have been so scattered last night I probably would have gone down the FB rabbit hole and not gotten anything done.  

Whether you’re a new mom or you’ve been around a while taking care of yourself not only benefits you but also those little eyes who are always watching you.  Yes, they may not always remember what you say but they are watching everything you do.  Even the times you think they aren’t.


Be ok with the detours in life, they are there for a reason, even if you can’t see it at the time

Much love ladies,