Self-Care, something that I am so passionate about, not only for myself but for others.  I love hearing how other moms take care of themselves and I cheer them on when I see them doing it.


Some people hear the word self-care and are automatically tuned to say…ugh, I don’t have time for that.  I get it, we’re all busy moms, we have tons of stuff to get done and don’t have time for things like meditating, chanting or singing kumbaya.  While this may be someone’s idea self-care (and that’s great), it’s not mine.   I do self-care like the bad ass modern momma that I am.   That’s the great thing about self-care, everyone has there own approach and style with it.  It’s a whatever floats your boat kind of deal.

Modern self-care is defined (by me) as:


A way to re-connect and center yourself again.  Time to tune inwards and have small pockets of time weaved into your day for check-ins and positive vibes. 



At a young age, I knew I felt better when I took time for myself.  Spending time in my room, music blasting and me singing along. Watching movies all cozy in my bed and, hanging with my friends.  When I became a mother this need somehow got pushed further and further away. When I did think about it, I felt a sense of guilt that I had never felt before.  Heck, when I was a teenager I would turn down going out with my friends to stay home and recharge, no guilt ever surfaced back then.  As mothers the more we take care of ourselves the more we can take care of the people we love.  I know when I’m lacking in self-care my husband and girls bare the brunt of it.  I get snappy, irritated easily and just plain icky to be around.  I practice self-care for the health of my family.  Knowing that my girls will grow up seeing that mommy took time for herself I hope that they will not struggle with self-care when they need it the most.

What are you going to do for yourself that will benefit you and the people you love?


Self – Care Tip:


SCHEDULE IT!  You have to make time for it or it will just be another thing on your list that gets pushed aside.

Massive love and remember… self-care and carry on (sorry couldn’t resist that one 😘 )








I will be releasing my self-care calendar along with some other goodies soon so stay tuned!