It’s November and I’ve celebrated my 40th birthday all weekend long.  I’m truly grateful for my life and what I’ve created. I’ve re-shaped and learned a new way of looking at each day and am living my life by design, not default.  Once you get to a place that you realize that you’re in control and you have the power to change things you suddenly start getting to work and begin weeding out what isn’t serving you anymore.

November marks the beginning of the holiday season and overnight the stores suddenly seem to be in full Christmas swing. Which can stir up many emotions for some?  If thinking about twinkle lights, Christmas trees, and holiday parties stresses you out or even makes you tired you need to re-evaluate how you navigate the holidays season.

My holiday workbook, Kick Stress to the Curb is for you if…

You’re ready…
~ to say no to all the things that don’t light you up and say it confidently with ZERO guilt
~ find a healthy balance between being in mom mode, wife mode, friend mode and any other hat you wear
~ ready to evolve and be your best self and live your best life this holiday season
~ to say YES to yourself
~ develop new habits that will only serve you for all of 2019

I created this workbook as a tool for myself. I was sooo done racing through the holidays running from one school event, work, Christmas concert, family gathering and let’s not forget about the shopping and the lists. I wasn’t present or in the moment for any of the holiday events and I found myself asking myself, why not? 3 years ago I made the conscious effort to change how I navigated the holidays.  I wanted to enjoy the holidays, to bake cookies with my kids not because I had to but because I wanted to. I used to love baking around the holidays but it had turned into this huge thing where I was giving baked goods away to family and friends, rushing to get everyone’s favorite treat baked. When I decided to not bake 3 years ago I was so worried that I would be disappointing everyone. I was honest and said I was taking a break that year and you know what, everyone understood. My world did not implode because I didn’t bake and whatever you need to stop doing, your world will not explode either.

Seeing first hand how this workbook changed my holiday outlook I knew I had share it with you.

I get it, we are busy and that’s why I made sure that you can comfortably get through it in an afternoon or a couple of nights after the kids go to bed with a glass of wine.

I invite you to click the link below and start YOUR journey to kicking stress to the curb this holiday season and you to you.

Let’s do this!

Massive love,