Hey Friend,

Can you relate? I almost let the voice in my head, you know your negative nelly. The voice that tells you, at almost a pitch of a toddler screaming during a full meltdown NOT to do something because who the hell do you think you are, you can’t pull that off, you’re not skilled in that area etc, etc, etc. You get what I’m laying down. 

So you’re probably wondering what the heck a birthday cake has to do with this. 

It was my daughter’s 12th birthday party the other weekend and she wanted me to surprise her with her cake for her party. I could have played it safe, baked the cake, iced it, and sprinkle it with colourful sprinkles all over it and called it a day. Only thing was, I had a niggle to do more. So I turned to where any self-respecting mother would…PINTEREST! After searching late into the night I found this glorious thing called caging. After reading 3 different posts about it I knew it was the wow factor I was looking for. After all I had 9, 12 year old girls to impress, that’s not an easy thing to do 🙂 Now I know my daughter would have loved whatever was put in front of her because her mama poured her heart into…but I wanted WOW!

I was in the zone, cakes were cooled and time to decorate. With a chai tea latte in reach I started. My confidence was high, I’ve been here before, icing….no problem! The 3 layers perched high with cream cheese icing holding everything together. Deep breath, time to melt the chocolate. Did I mention I had to get this all done before my daughter came home from school. So now I’m watching the clock. 

Let the caging begin! 

I bet you’re wondering how this relates to reaching for more, hang on my love, I’ll get to that!

So I read through all the directions again to make sure I wasn’t missing a thing. Melted chocolate is ready and I take a deep breath and snip the end off of the ziplock bag (ran out of piping bags, making it work) and start swirling the heck out of the chocolate. 

Not too bad, I step back admiring my crafty work while finishing the last few sips of tea. Then little miss doubt creeps in…

  • Are there too many swirls
  • Did I make it too long 
  • What if it’s not long enough
  • Crap, maybe my height is too high

I read the next part of the instructions about 50 times. “Watch the chocolate dry, when it starts to lose it shine you’re ready for the next step”. OMG it couldn’t dry fast enough, I was watching it at all different angles. I could feel myself turning into a crazy lady. I was talking to myself and the chocolate. There were full convos happening in the house that afternoon between a 40 year old woman and drying chocolate.

The directions now said “YOU ONLY HAVE ONE SHOT AT THIS, IF YOU SCREW IT UP YOU WILL RUIN YOUR CAKE” Ok, it wasn’t in caps but it felt like it was. The pressure was building.

Then it happened. Negative Nelly made her presence known. 

  • Do you really think you can get that huge piece of chocolate on that cake without breaking it
  • You will have to start all over again when this fails
  • You have never done this before, what make you think this is going to turn out
  • School is out in 1 hour, you’re running out of time…retreat and play it safe
  • Pipe some flowers on the cake, sprinkle it with sprinkles and call it day

I could have let my fear take over and scrap the whole thing. Could it have fail? Sure but how pretty and fabulous would it look if it didn’t! This was what I kept saying, out loud to myself and the chocolate, remember that convo. Well I took a deep breath and told the chocolate we’re on the same team and I flipped that chocolate over on the cake, pressed it into place…no wigging allowed as it would smudge the chocolate around on the iced cake. Placed it into the fridge for 5 minutes to finish setting.

It was the longest 5 minutes EVER!

Another deep breath and I took the cake from the fridge and placed it on the counter. I carefully peel back the parchment paper and holy shit, it worked! It looks so freakin’ good, the WOW factor is off the charts. Now time for some finishing touches and back in the fridge before she’s home from school.

This cake decorating turned my brain into overdrive with how many times we hold ourselves back from doing amazing things because the fear monster talks us out of it. 

Can you remember the last time you didn’t show up for yourself or talked yourself out of something because you didn’t think you were “enough” of something?

I’m betting a big fat YES becuase we’ve all been there. Know you’re not alone and you have the power to change this. 

You’re capable of doing more than you think! 

Next time something comes up that has you questioning if you really are capable, don’t let your fear monster creep in and rule the day. Boldly move towards what ever it is and take the leap. 

You were made for more!

If you need a little reminder, then remember the mom who wanted to bake a cake for her 12 year old that wow’ed all her little friends and made her daughter gasp!

Shine Bright,