Hey Friend!

Have you had it with Mailchimp? Do you want to throw your computer on the floor?  Then you’ll want to read through to the end. I have something that will have you saying similar things like these ladies. 

When I started my business someone along the way mentioned I should use Mailchimp to collect emails as it’s a great option for free accounts. So I did. 

After watching multiple youtube videos I created an account, set it up on my website, and created my email sign ups. I thought I was gold. 

I had gone through B School and knew the value in setting up your list and driving people to it. Thing was, I got distracted by a shiny object…


I love instagram but I made the mistake of pouring all my energy into chasing the likes, comments, and follows. 

When you’re building your brand/biz on social media alone and that platform goes away so do all your followers. 

That’s why you need to put your energy into your list and grow it. It’s yours, no one can ever take it away from you…unless the subscriber unsubscribes (this is a whole other post) 

After seeing my reach plummet on Instagram with one of the many algorithm changes I made the decision to really focus on building my list again. 

I had a whole plan all worked out. Emails were written and I had a solid welcome sequence all laid out. 

After spending 2 weeks, yes 2 WHOLE WEEKS trying to get the email sequence working on Mailchimp with no luck, I naturally turned inward and procrastinated for months. 

Can you relate to this?

I ended up almost talking myself out of my business. “I can’t even get the email sequence to work, maybe I’m not cut out to do this anymore”.  I lived in this mindset for WAY TO LONG. 

I don’t want this for you, I don’t want you to struggle like I did. It’s unnecessary. 

I had a check in from a mentor and she asked me how things were going in my business and I wanted to shrivel up and hide in a hole in that moment. I said, sheepishly, I couldn’t get the email sequence to work in Mailchimp and I haven’t done anything since. 

She so lovingly said, “Oh girl…you need to switch to Mailerlite. It will take you right out of your business funk and get you going again, trust me”! 

This was one of those moments for me and my business. A pivot point that changed the direction of my business and I haven’t looked back. 

I can do this, it’s so easy…WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG!!!!

Everyone needs to be using Mailerlite, was the thought I had. I knew I needed to share this with as many people as possible. I wanted to shout it from my keyboard, THERE”S A BETTER WAY! 

By the way, this is not a sponsored post, I’m not affiliated with Mailerlite at all. I just ❤️ the platform. 

After switching, which only took me 10 minutes by the way (which included transferring all my subscribers from Mailchimp) I created my template for my newsletter and  the workflow for my welcome sequence all in the same day. That had me feeling all kinds of…

Friend, I want this for you to. 

That’s why I created a free road map that will guide you step by step to get your account set up and all your subscribers transferred. 

Grab your FREE GUIDE now!

Massive love my friend,