Hey Friend!


Do you want your business to be 40x more successful?


Heck yeah you do! 


I know you’re probably thinking…Alesha, of course I want my business to be as successful as possible but nothing has stuck yet and it’s left you wondering when it’s going to be your time.


Your spending day and night, every moment you can spare to get your business off the ground and earning money. Yet, nothing is connecting? 


Does it seem like everyone else on the internet has it all figured it out? Is it keeping you up at night wondering why you can’t figure it out like the others have?


I get it! I was there too, time spent away from my family hunched over the computer believing in the dream of having my own business that supported my family. It didn’t start to shift until I focused on this one part of my business. It took me YEARS to gain some traction. Where it all shifted was the one thing that makes business 40x more successful…and it worked!!!


The one thing that makes businesses 40x’s more successful is an email list. 


Isn’t this crazy! 


This one thing can literally mean you have a business or a hobby. I have to ask, if you’re not getting leads, people on your list then what are you waiting for?


Maybe you have a small list but you’re not connecting with them regularly, which is leaving your list cold. Girl, a cold list, this is not something you want. You want to be delivering content to your list on the regular, not only does this keep your list warm it also builds the know, like, and trust factor. That way when you’re ready to tell them about your great product or service they’re already primed and thinking…


“oh hey, I’ve been seeing Alesha talk about why an email list is so important and her membership to help me with this is open for enrolment, I want to be a part of that. This would make creating my freebie so easy, save me time, and reduce my stress around building my welcome sequence”. 


See how this works, making the sale is easy when you keep your list primed, warm, and full of your ideal clients. 


Before you roll your eyes and say…Alesha, I don’t have the time to think about an email list. Girl, you need to stop avoiding creating your list. The money is in your list. You don’t need a huge list for it to convert for you. I want you to know that everyone out there who is successful and earning money month after month is doing it with their email list. 


If i could go back and tell baby entrepreneur Alesha to start building her email list from day 1 I would. I can’t do that, but I can help you. Think of me as our big sis (always wanted a sister 😘) or your biz bestie.


I don’t want you to waste time or struggle with providing for your family. I especially don’t want you to give up on yourself or your dream. That’s why I’m so passionate about email lists and automation. I want you to start growing your list the right way. So I created a step by step guide to help you to set up your account using Mailerlite. There’s a bonus section if you’re already using Mailchimp to move your current subscribers into the Mailerlite platform. This platform literally saved my business! Before switching to Mailerlite I was using Mailchimp and struggling with it. It wasn’t user friendly and creating an email sequence, forget about it. The drag and drop platform in Mailerlite is so easy to use that anyone can do it. Oh, and did I mention, it’s free!


So what are you waiting for, let’s turn your hobby into a business. Grab your step by step guide and let’s get you set up today.


Massive love my friend.