Hey Friend!

As I type this I’m curled up on my couch, chai tea in reach and the fire place is keeping me warm. September is almost gone, how they heck did that happen so fast. As I look back on quarter 3 and see just how much I got done, I’m excited to plan out quarter 4 in my business. 

Before I jump head first into planning my Q4 I need to finish my series on the best way to grow your business.  

Let’s recap shall we! 

Part 1 (pillar 1) was defining who your dreamy client is. Knowing what their pain points are so you can offer a solution (your opt-in).


Part 2 (pillar2) was about creating your opt-in.

Tip: your opt-in needs to relate to your business, obvious I know but I still need to mention it. I’ve seen so many opt-ins that have no connection to a person’s business whatsoever.

If you haven’t read part 2, no worries we’ll pause here so you can have a quick read and download your free Ultimate Opt-in Bundle. If you’re stuck on what to create this bundle will get your wheels turning.


Today we’re diving into what happens after your dreamy client signs up for your niched, problem solving freebie.

You’re here creating a business that will ultimately bring money into your bank account. Yes, you want to help people, do something that you are passionate about but you also need cash money to make your business sustainable. So let’s start treating your business like a business. 

Pillar 1:

Defining who your ideal client is and how you help them in their journey.

Pillar 2:

Create a killer opt-in that makes them hand over their email because they feel like you’re talking directly to them (thank you niching work) and they need what you’re offering to push them forward in their business.

Pillar 3:

Nurture the fudge out of them. The last thing you want is for someone to hand over their precious email and do nothing with it. This is what the big guns refer to as a cold list. YOU DON’T WANT A COLD LIST.

You want a warm list. A list that hears from you on the regular, delivering helpful content, educating them, entertaining them so when they see your name pop into their email they think…oooh I wonder what Rachel is doing and they click open your email, BAM warm audience!

When you create consistent connection with your list you’re building the know, like, and trust factor. You’re taking them on a journey. 

The meare mention of a sequence or funnel can trigger some. It did me. I thought it was waaaay too time consuming, too techy, and I had no idea where to start. So I did what I do best, I ignored it and pushed it away. 

Sound familiar?

What if I told you it didn’t have to be this way. What if you changed the negative thoughts around creating an email sequence. What if an email sequence was good for you business and creating one was easy and building your list was a smart business move. 

Would you do it then?

Heck yah you would, hello entrepreneur! The best part about creating a welcome sequence/funnel is that you create it once and after someone joins your list they go on the journey of getting to know, like, and trust you on auto pilot. By the end of your sequence you will lead them to your paid offer and they will either buy or you will redirect them to your newsletter list. 

There are 2 types of buyers,

  1.  Action takers 
  2. Nurturers

Action takers get hyped up reading your content (sequence/funnel) they see them sleeves in what you’re offering and they jump on board.

Nurturers need exactly that, a little more nurturing. They are the cautious buyers who want to get to know you a little more. Just because they didn’t buy from you on the first round doesn’t mean that they never will. They just need a little more time. 

Think about what kind of buyer you are, #1 or #2?

I know that going at this alone can seem really scary and overwhelming. That’s why I’m creating the List Love Society Membership. I will walk you through exactly what to do to start building your list the right way.

Together we will Niche, Create, and Nurture you list. Once inside the membership you will also get access to my template and Trello bars. Ready for you templates to create social graphics, email templates, setting up a Pinterest Business account to start driving traffic to your list. 

You’ll never ask the question again, “what am I going to send to my list” as every month you’ll get a fresh monthly content calendar.

A goal without a plan is just a wish. 

So you must have a road map to keep you moving forward in your business and crush those big goals you have. Inside the membership there will also be co-working sessions to plan out your quarters and in January your entire year. Can’t wait for this one :). 

If you’re ready to start treating your business like a real (earning money) business I hope to see you inside the membership. Those who are on my list will be getting access to a special invite to join as a founding member so make sure you join now and don’t miss out on this special pricing just for my list VIP’s. 


Massive love my friend.