Hey Friends!


Starting an online business can be scary AF. 

You’re putting yourself out there in the online world in a way you never have before. Opening yourself up to judgement and internet trolls. You might be doing a 180 on what you’ve done in the past and that is scary stuff. You don’t know if it’s going to work, you just need to take the leap. That sinking feeling in get in your stomach when you’re about to hit the publish button on your website, blog post, or IG stories….

Girl, I’ve been there! 


It’s funny how we build things up to be in our head. Every time I’ve had that feeling in the pit of my stomach, guess what happened? 

Nothing, life went on as usual. Our minds have a wonderful way of messing with us. So if you’ve been putting off doing something, just get out of your own way and do it already. 

Creating your business can be overwhelming, trust me I know. That’s why I thought I would share with you my top favourite business tools that I use every day in my business. Some of the links are affiliate links but I wouldn’t share it with you unless I truly believed in the value of the product. 


✨ Google Docs (I use this for everything I write. If I don’t have my computer and need to get some work done while way, I know I can always get to my work. Plus makes sharing my work with people I might bring into my business at a later date. Setting myself/biz up for success long term 😘)


💫 Canva Pro (I upgraded to Pro about 1 ½ years ago and won’t ever go back. The Pro version has made it even easier to create graphics for my business and the time I’m saving 👏🏻.) A few of the Pro features I love are:

👉🏻One click resizing (hello time saved! Create an IG post and resize it for Pinterest, blog post etc with one click…easy peasy)

👉🏻Background remover (love a picture of yourself but don’t want the background. Easy peasy with the background remover.



👉🏻Unlimited folders (say hello to organizing all your designs and elements in one place for each project)

👉🏻Load your brand colours, fonts and logos

👉🏻Access to all pro fonts and elements. 


💫 Haute Stock:  I’ve been using Haute Stock since day one. A huge time saver in your business when it comes to finding on brand photos for your website, blog posts, social media, anything really, Haute Stock is your back pocket bestie. Her photos are so lovely and new content is loaded to the library every month. Regardless of what niche you’re in Haute Stock will have something for you. In the members portal there are tutorials and exclusive templates just for members. 


💫 Mailerlite: This changed everything in my business. I stopped struggling and began moving forward in building my email list. This platform inspired me to pivot my business and I can’t say enough about it. The free version is so robust and what I teach on inside the List Love Society Membership.  


💫 Trello: I was such a paper based girl. I loved notes, lists, to-do’s, you name it I wrote it down on paper. When my mentor suggested I move to a digital platform I said no right out the gate. Nope not me, I like pen to paper…always have and always will. When she finally convinced me to at least try it out I was hooked. I love a good organizational system and Trello makes it so easy. Now don’t get me wrong, I still love pen to paper but I leave that more for my journal or manifesting. Inside the List Love Society Membership you will get access to all my Trello boards to keep you and your business organized and on track. No more wondering what you need to get done. The boards will have you completing tasks and moving forward in your business faster than you could image. If you want to check out one of my boards, download my Quarter 4 Template now 👇

If you don’t already have a Trello account you’ll want to sign up for your free account first.

Please watch this short video showing you how to download and copy the Trello board. If you don’t copy the board correctly others will see your work and you’ll ruin the template for others.


Let’s review, you’ve created your Trello account ✔️ and watched the video ✔️

Yes my queens – thank you!

Ok, you’re set to download the Q4 Trello Board Template 👇


Massive love my friend,