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Let’s chat a little about your email list.

If you have people on your email list you should be writing to them on the regular, aiming for at least once a week. If you’re not writing to them consistently then you’re letting your list go cold, what we say in the biz 😘 tisk tisk.  


The idea of an email list is to offer value, advice, be informative and ultimately sell to your list. When you show up regularly, not only are you giving the people on your list the chance to know you but you start to build trust (consistently). When you’re showing up in their inbox, consistently they will come to associate your name with value and being useful = more likely to open your emails when they see your name pop into their inbox.  

Let’s say you’ve crafted a great, informative, coming from a place of service email to send to your list, now comes the subject line. You can’t just type: New blog post in email subject line.   

That doesn’t evoke curiosity and make them think…hey, I want to find out more. It’s actually boring, it definitely doesn’t make me want to open it, how about you?   

Your goal of a subject line is to grab someone’s attention during the scroll that evokes curiosity, enough for them to want to find out more, click and see what you’re talking about.   

The next time you’re scrolling through your inbox see what subject lines make you stop and open to read more.  

Hopefully these stats will inspire you to put a little more time into your email subject line game: 

  • 35% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone
  • Use 6 to 10 words in your subject lines to get the best open rate
  • Readers are 26% more likely to open emails with personalized subject lines.
  • 11:00 a.m. ET has the highest clickthrough rate for email sends 
  • 56% of brands using emoji in their email lines had a higher open rate
  • Tuesday is the best day of the week to send email
  • Adding videos to your email can increase click rates by 300%

Most email providers crunch the data for you with your open rates. But if the one you’re using doesn’t it’s super easy to figure it out.  Your open rate = the number of emails opened / the number of emails sent (excluding emails that bounced).    

When it comes to email marketing you need to always be looking at the data. The data isn’t going to lie to you. Be willing to tweak and make things better. This is all about trial and error. When something doesn’t convert, don’t beat yourself up. The data is showing you that most likely your email subject didn’t hit the mark. This is an opportunity for you to tweak it and try again. 

Playing around with your subject lines, seeing what content your people respond to is something you need to be doing on the regular.  One of the best ways I like to do this is polling your audience. Go directly to the source, email your list and ask them. Hop into your stories and do a poll.

I noticed my open rates increase when I used my subscribers first name in the subject line (as mentioned in the stats above). Imagine if you increase your open rate by 26%, what would that look like?

How great would it be to have 4 additional sales this month? To think this could be reality all by paying closer attention to your email subject lines…HELLO GAME CHANGER! 

I’ve put together a free resource, just for you, including my top 30 favourite email subject lines. Use them, tweak them, most importantly, see what your audience responds to and use more of it. 

Massive love my friend,