How’s it going? 

It’s halfway through January, we’re two weeks into those big lofty goals and the resolutions you made for yourself on January 1st . This is usually the time where maybe you’ve let things go a little, you’re not as gung-ho as you were at the beginning of the month and it’s got you feeling a little deflated.  


You have big plans for 2021, I know you do. The only way that you’re going to be looking back on 2021 feeling all kinds of proud of yourself and how much you accomplished is if you get realigned to where you’re going.  


1st things first, don’t beat yourself up for falling off the train and losing course. It’s natural, everybody does it! Even the most successful people out there fall off course. My brother said to me once:

 “you didn’t fail,  you just had a false start” 

So moving forward my dear, remember this. Don’t beat yourself up anymore.

Tip #1:

Remind yourself of where you’re going.  


If you haven’t figured out what your goals are for 2021 then before you go any further you need to do that. You can’t head to your destination if you don’t know where you’re going. If you want more help on this check out this blog post.   

Get jazzed up about what it is that you’re doing, feel the energy and the reason why you even started this idea in the first place. This will bring you back into alignment and refocus you to get back on the train and leave the station.

Tip #2:


The work that needs to be done needs to be scheduled, PERIOD.  

This piggy backs on my earlier thought: you can’t get to your destination if you don’t know where you’re going. If you don’t have a goal you can’t create your success markers. You might be wondering what your success markers are. So let’s break that down first.   

You have a goal to build your email list. You can create a list of distractions a mile long that you THINK you need to do first to build your list. BUT when you boil it down there’re only 3 maybe 4 success markers that you need to complete for you to reach your goal of building your list.   

I’m hoping that this is making sense.   

For example:

  • Copywriting 
  • Which email platform to use
  • Must get good photos of myself
  • Need some good stock photos first
  • Come up with freebie idea
  • Create that freebie
  • Where to post that freebie
  • Learn how to create a welcome sequence
  • Come up with some Pinterest posts
  • How to make my Pinterest posts look good
  • Come up with social media posts
  • Newsletter ideas, I have no idea what to tell them once they are on my list
  • Content calendar, oooof, feeling so overwhelmed right now
  • Figure out how to send newsletter
  • I should really have more social media followers before I start building my newsletter
  • Let me put a pin in all of this, it looks too overwhelming and I’ll circle back once I have more followers on social.

HELLO to being discouraged and stopping all together and HELLO to you hopping on Instagram and wasting hours upon hours. Or perhaps you turn on Netflix and dive into a series that allows you to escape the world of being an entrepreneur.  

As you can see this distraction list is very overwhelming. This would make anyone take pause and wonder what the heck they’re doing. So let’s boil these distractions down to 3 or 4 items and call them your success markers.

  1. Figure out which platform you will use to collect your emails and set up your account
  2. Create your freebie, this can be as simple as a Google doc, you don’t need to overthink it. I’ve downloaded some really awesome freebies in my day and were either a google doc or excel sheet and wow, did they offer some really valuable content.
  3. Share that freebie wherever you can to collect your emails.
  4. Create a series of emails (welcome sequence) that will be delivered once someone opts in to your freebie. This will take them on a journey of getting to know, like, and trust you.

Can you see how we took the distraction items and boiled it down to the success markers. Yes,  you could hire a photographer to take photos of yourself and pay to have stock photos at your ready, plan out a slew of social media and Pinterest posts Etc.  

BUT when you take action, actionable steps you planned out like a boss, you’re actually moving the needle forward. I would much rather you be moving the needle forward and learning as you go then staring at that overwhelming list and letting it paralyze you in fear.  

Getting back to scheduling it.   

If you were to schedule out the 4 success markers in a month you can absolutely accomplish the goal of building your list in one month. Yes, there would be other steps you would need to continue to do but this would be built into your weekly to-dos to keep building your list.   


I know that most of you are creating our side hustle while still working a 9-5, which means evenings and weekends, or you might be a mom who needs to be with her kids during the day but during nap-time and bedtime you’re building that business of your dreams.  

When you schedule out the work that needs to be done, your success markers, you start building momentum as you accomplish these goals.   

How good would you feel if you were to accomplish one goal in your business?    

Holding yourself accountable and knowing where you’re heading is how you keep your motivation thriving.    

This is not an ad I don’t get sponsored for this but the planner I love using for doing everything I talked about above in Step 2 is the Priority Planner by Rachel Hollis.    

Tip #3


Sometimes when you have her head down and you’re working working working, you sometimes forget to celebrate how far you have actually come.  So when you get a new subscriber, sale, shout out, whatever it is, celebrate the fudge out of it.   

I really encourage you to share your wins with your social following. When we pull back the curtain and show a win, big or small, to our community it shows them that if you can do it, then maybe they can too. Sometimes that spark is all that she or he needs to keep going and  pushing forward in their own business.   

At the end of the day, you never know who’s watching. Maybe seeing you post your wins is all she needed to sign up for your program/service/offer.   



Rooting for you my friend,