If you’re in the online world, you’ve probably heard it before, you need an email list. I know, I know, it’s a roll your eyes kind of thing but if you want to last in the online world, you do really need any email list. 

There’s a reason why all the big players like Marie Forleo, Jenny Kutchner, Amy Porterfield talk about it…


I also know it can feel very overwhelming, trying to figure out all the moving parts and tech to build your list. Maybe you’ve tried and just gave up. If you have, that’s ok, most of us do. The important thing is you’re still here and willing to try again and again until your business is thriving. That is the definition of a female boss babe. 

I hope I’ve pursueded you to start building your list and to keep fighting for your dream of being a successful business owner who works for herself, on her own terms. 

I’ve created a free training on how to build your email list for free. 

When you’re just starting to build your business you might not have the money for a fancy email service provider. I get it, but don’t let that stop you from building your list. 

In this free training you’ll go through everything from choosing an email service provider (psst, the one I use is free and totally awesome) to getting your 1st subscribers. 


how to start an email list for free

>>Watch Video Here<<


After you’ve watched the training, I want you to hop on Instagram stories with a screen shot of the training and tag me @aleshaakouri, telling me your favourite part.

Rooting for you,