Hey there, 

You’ve done it. You’ve written a kick ass email, full of value for anyone who reads it. BUT wha wha 🥺, your open rates are seriously lacking.


No matter how juicy your email is, if your subscribers aren’t opening them you’re not going to convert your subscribers to customers.


You’re here, doing what you do because you want to earn a living on your own terms. Yes, you want to help and be of service AND you totally deserve to be compensated for this. 


Let’s face it, inboxes are overloaded. So you need to stand out in the crowd.


How to do this? I’m so glad you asked 😘


The magical click ⬆️ that is going to open your kick ass email and deliver that value content that your subscriber needs in their life is all dependant on your subject line. 


Yup, you heard me correctly. It all comes down to your subject line. 


If you don’t hook them they will delete – goodbye!


Let me ask you, how much thought do you put into your subject lines? 


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Adding these 3 tips to your subject lines can increase your open rates drastically.

= standing out in the inbox ✔️



I’ve mentioned this before, using your subscribers name in your subject line can increase your open rates by 26%. Mind you, you need to be collecting this data when they sign up. If you’re not, run and go add this data collection to your sign up forms….go now. WAIT, finishing reading the other 2 tips first. 🤗



Using the word this/these in your subject line peaks interest and makes them stop and think…what are they referring to? Creating, you guessed it…FOMO.


Using emojis in your subject lines instantly makes them stand out amongst all the other emails.  You can increase your open rates by 56% by using 1 emoji in your subject line. That’s crazy sauce. 


Sending this email to my list I used this subject line:


Hey {$name}, do these 3 things to boost 🚀 your email open rates 👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻


Now, using these 3 tips in your subject lines is great but what is even better is consistency. 


You need to be consistent with your email efforts. Decide on what you’re comfortable creating and stick to it, no matter what. Reaching for 1 email a week is a good starting point. 


If you’re consistent and creating good content, when your email lands in your subscribers inbox they will naturally want to open it because they have come to associate your name with being helpful. 


I’m sure there are people who land in your inbox and you open it just to see what they’re talking about. Right?


If you want some more help creating those click worthy subject lines don’t miss downloading the 30 Subject Line Cheat Sheet.

Massive love my friend,