You’re probably scratching your head wondering how the heck building your email list has anything to do with Disneyland. Trust me, keep reading.

The question I get asked the most is this: Do I really need an email list”?  


My simple answer is YES! 


Don’t get it twisted, I was where you are right now. Frustrated that my dream of a business wasn’t earning money. 


I was looking around wondering,

  • how the heck did these people do it?
  • what do they have that I don’t?
  • maybe I don’t have what it takes to do this?


I had my freebie on my website but didn’t really do anything about it. I surely didn’t talk about it. I didn’t want to come off pushy, can you relate to that?


When you’re looking around seeing what others are doing it can become paralyzing when you’re trying to create something of your own. 


I let it paralyze me for years, yes, I said years. I don’t want this for you. 


Let me break this down for you Disneyland style 👇👇👇

Think of Disneyland as a social platform like IG. There are thousands of people who walk through this theme park a day. Trying to stand out in this crowd as one person, who yes, might have a brilliant offer that will solve some of the crowds biggest pain points is next to impossible. 


You’ll be yelling your face off to get a few peoples attention. To which they’ll look at you a little weird and keep walking to get their churro. OMG, CHURROS are the BEST!


Now imagine building an island…Tom Sawyer’s island to be exact. 


If you’ve been to Disneyland before you know it’s in the middle of the theme park and you have to take a raft to get there. 


You’re the only person on this island, you have the attention of everyone who’s coming on the raft (the raft is your freebie). Once they get to your island, you’re going to be the bestest host ever.


  • You’re going to educate them on what you do on your island
  • They’ll see you as an expert in your niche
  • You’ll be seen as the go-to resource in this area
  • You’ll deliver value, tips, and resources to all those on your island (your list)


how to start an email list for free

Sure, some will go back on the raft (hello unsubscribers), leaving your island but that’s ok. You don’t want people on your island that don’t want to be there. 


Not having to compete for the attention, not ever yelling “over here, look what I can do for you” in my mind is always better. 


Your people raised their hand, got on the raft to see what you’re all about. I would much rather you be on your island, educating, offering value to a select group of people than standing in the middle of Disneyland trying to get just one person to listen to you. 


Listen, I’m not saying…don’t be on social media. I’m saying don’t put all your eggs in one basket. 


If you fill your island with a small group of people, nurture those people, they will buy from you, providing your message is in alignment with how you can help and serve them.


After all, they signed up (got your freebie) for a ride to your island, they’re interested in what you’re doing and what you can potentially offer them. Now all you have to do is show up for them. 


Can you do that…hell yeah you can!!!! 


Wow, I must really be missing travelling if I’ve turned email list building into a Disneyland reference 🤪

What if…

  • You’ve tried building your email list before but it didn’t work
  • You have an email list but you haven’t written to your list in forever 
  • No one opens your emails
  • You can’t grow your list, no one is signing up for your freebie


  • You’re confused about what freebie you should create
  • You’ve got no idea what to sell
  • Overwhelm is creeping in fast thinking about taking on yet another task
  • You’re worried about writing emails that your subscribers want to read


I hear your worries and that’s exactly why I created the List Love Society. 


Inside the membership, you will learn using the 3 pillars to build your email list in a sustainable way. 

  • Pillar 1

    • Niching for Bosses
  • Pillar 2

    • Irresistible Opt-ins
  • Pillar 3

    • Nurturing sequences for success

I created the membership to be affordable, to eliminate any objections you might come up with. 


So, come build your island with me and turn your hobby into a business that makes money. Cause if you’re not making cash, you have a hobby. 


Let’s do this!

Rooting for you my friend,