Are you struggling with what to send your email list? 


Do you stare at your screen hoping email ideas will magically appear?


You might even push it aside in frustration and hop on the gram and start scrolling, going through your stories for the day (my fav part btw) and before you know, an hour has gone by. 


Now that time you set aside to write to your list is gone.



Ooops, I’ll do it later might have popped in your head. Only thing is, later never came. 


I hear yah and that’s why I’m sharing 5 emails you can send to your list tonight.



    • This can range from the latest promos, new blog posts, new podcasts, life events, or new product launches. Got something new on your website, share it.



    • You can email about a new or upcoming product or service you will be offering. Share some testimonials from one of your products that had great reviews. Maybe dive a little deeper into your product or service.



    • I love a survey!!!  It’s a quick and easy way to get your subscribers input on something. It can also be a gateway into their world and how you can better serve them. Hello, market research 🙂 


Giveaways and Freebies

    • Raise your hand 🙋‍♀️ if you love getting free stuff. Yeah, you do and so do your subscribers. If you’ve got another freebie floating around that could help your subscriber, send it their way. 


Thank you

    • Thank you notes are a must. Send a thank-you note for being in your community. Maybe you’re launching a new service or product soon, you can email your list with “hey, thanks so much for being here. I don’t take it for granted. So much so I wanted to give you first dibs on X and offer you this promo code to save 15% when it launches”.  
    • Or if you have a shop you can say “Thank’s so much for supporting me and my business. I wanted to personally say thank you and offer you a discount code to be used at checkout. This code is valid this weekend only, so stop by the shop and add your favs to your cart. Enter code: BFF15 at checkout to save 15%.”


I hope these 5 email suggestions have sparked some sort of inspiration. 


Open your computer and start typing, get that email out today. Don’t wait for tomorrow or for the time to be perfect. 


NOW is the time. 


If coming up with your email ideas is one of the main reasons you’re putting off building your list, then you’re going to love the Email Content Bar module inside the List Love Society Membership. Every month you’ll get a new calendar of email prompts and scripts to send to your list. These are swipe files, tweak if you wish or simply input your flare and send.

Rooting for you,