I help mothers shine bright again

Hi, I’m Alesha

I am mentor and coach for the modern mom who wants to shine bright again and who is ready to give herself permission to rise up!

I am so passionate about this work because I have been there. I have walked in your shoes, I have lived the life of going through the motions of my day feeling numb.

If I can change, YOU can change.

My Story


When my kids came along I was laser focused on them.  Forget about me, I poured everything into them.  That’s what mom’s are suppose to do…right?  In doing so, I completely lost myself and any desires I once had.  5 years later, I felt alone, numb and depressed.  This fed into my mom guilt.  God forbid I share with anyone what I was feeling or thinking.  

I came across an interview that hit me in my gut.  It made me sit up and pay attention and see that I didn’t have to be feeling this way.  The last 3 ½ years lead me to this place…right here, right now.  It lead me to you.


I was done waiting!


I started believing in myself.

I started chasing my dreams.

I started reading books.

I started investing in myself.

I wanted so much more….and NOW I have it.  

Helping other mothers find their purpose, clear their guilt, make the shifts in their mindset and the most precious part ever….breaking the cycle. Our kids do what we do, plain and simple. If they see mom taking care of herself…mind, body and soul (living a fulfilling life beyond motherhood)  how will this serve them when they get older?  DO IT LIKE MOM DID!  Powerful…right! We can totally be the generation that broke the cycle.  

We got this…YOU, got this!