Hi I’m Alesha!


When you’re starting to bring your dream business into technicolour i know that getting that business off the ground and earning dollar bills requires…

hustle in all the right places! 


Having the dream of running your own business on your own terms will create freedom in your life that you’ll be so glad you believed in yourself and jumped in. 




With a dream and a google search bar I’ve created my own little corner on the internet. It hasn’t always been rainbows and sunshine. I’ve hustled…

I’ve ran webinars that no one showed up for

Created courses that flopped

Spent WAY too much time on the gram, more about this later

As an entrepreneur you’ve got to believe in your dream, that no matter how many times you get knocked down…


you get back up and keep moving towards your dream


If you’re not willing to get back up you will be the statistic of a wanna be entrepreneur…harsh but true! New biz babes often get overwhelmed with trying to figure it all out when they’re getting started.


Does this sound familiar?


Overwhelmed of not knowing where to start

Creating content that doesn’t convert

Frustrated with all the tech

Fearful of engaging with your audience, consistently

Being confused, not knowing what your next step should be is FRUSTRATING. The I want to stay in bed all day kind of frustrating.

I know you’re probably building your biz on the side while you’re still working your 9-5 or during nap times. The time you do spend on your biz needs to count!

I wasted way too much time in all the wrong places:

 Social media

 Spending money on courses that I didn’t finish or even start

 Serial email subscriber to get those freebies

 Creating opt-ins that no one signs up for

Can you relate?

I’m talking YEARS wasted. It didn’t start to shift until I went back to the beginning and built my foundation on pillars that supported my business, the RIGHT WAY!

know exactly who you’re talking to resulting in your ideal client thinking you’re in their head

create killer opt-ins that makes your ideal client hand over their email in exchange for the transformation your opt-in will provide

build a welcome sequence that gets your potential clients to know, like and trust you making the sale easy and fun

I’m willing to bet if you find yourself struggling to sell your offer or service you haven’t done the work on these 3 pillars.

That’s why I’m obsessed with helping you, a female entrepreneur create your thriving business by…

 Supporting your dream of leaving your 9-5 or staying home with your kids

 No more being wishy washy on who you serve, getting clarity on exactly who you’re talking too and serving

 Building your list, what will make your ideal client hand over their email

 Kiss the tech fears goodbye by using a user friendly, free platform

 Creating a welcome sequence that will take your clients on a journey, getting to know, like and trust you. Setting this up once allows you to spend time in other areas of your business

 Building a community of raving fans that can’t wait to work with you

I was you, I understand how hard creating something from nothing can be.

When I started my business, I bootstrapped the whole thing, we’re talking about creating my own WordPress website. I googled the shit out of that. Fast forward 4 years and i hadn’t hit publish on my website as the fear of judgement had me stuck in my tracks. Not knowing how to promote myself I began googling and handing over my email to gain some knowledge. Year over year I didn’t have much to show for all the work I was putting in.

Frustrated, banging my head on the wall, crying to my husband wanting so badly for something to shift within my business. After picking myself up (hello entrepreneur) and examining where the holes were in my biz I decided to re-build, start at the beginning. After doing the work, I started to see results. I increased my email list over a weekend by 50%.

Looking back I can see where my messaging was muddled…

 trying to talk to everyone

 not sharing what I did

 being too scared to show up for my business

 having an opt-in that was not related to my business whatsoever 🤦🏼‍♀️

When you get clear on who you’re talking to and what you offer the work becomes easier. It’s possible to create a thriving business, working the hours you want to work if you…

 Get focused

 Show up every damn day, even when you don’t want to

  Have a clear, defined goals that will get you to the next step in your business

 Do the work

It really is that simple, as humans, we tend to over complicate things.

The biggest obstacle is see other boss babes struggle with is building their email list. One part of the puzzle is creating a totally awesome opt-in that will solve a problem of your dreamy client. Grab my Ultimate Opt-in Bundle below to get your wheels turning with opt-in ideas, tips, where to share it, and the best part of all…an opt-in template.