This holiday season, kick stress to the curb and take back the holidays!


Don’t get caught up in the soul-sucking events and never-ending commitments from years past that leave you feeling stressed, exhausted and less than. You know how it goes…you kids aren’t listening to you, tempers raising from long lines, holiday travel, the pressure to find the “perfect” gift, the never-ending requests from your kid’s school to volunteer, baking everyone’s favorite holiday treat, or arguments with family members.

Imagine, being able to say no confidently to the requests that don’t light you up and aren’t an immediate Hell Yes! What if this year you changed your focus and threw the rules out the window and got in alignment with the holidays that you actually wanted to be a part of instead of racing through it to just get it done. Doesn’t that sound fabulous! What if you had a workbook that walked you through how to achieve exactly that AND you could do it in an afternoon or spread it out over a few nights after the kids go to bed with a glass of wine or two. 


The choice is yours…..choose what lights you up this holiday season.


The Details

What you get


~ How to identify your holiday feelings

~ Mapping out how you want to feel this holiday season

~ Learn how to quickly cultivate your self-care

~ Self-care cheet sheet

~ Identifying your top 10 self-care activities

~ Pre-made holiday calendars for your self-care activities



~ How do you want to feel printable

~ Saying no with ease worksheet

~ Made for you Mantra’s worksheet

~ Protecting your energy worksheet

~ Access to my private FB group where you can ask me anything

How it works

  • Purchase the holiday workbook
  • This is a digital workbook, noting will be mailed to you.
  • You have this workbook for life, use it as many times as you like.
  • Access to the workbook will be emailed to you

If you have any questions please email me at



That’s less than a dinner out, a night at the movies, or a Starbucks run for the family.

Gaining confidence and arming yourself with the tools that can transform your holiday season…priceless!

What are you waiting for?